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The New Rules and regs

Covid 19 Changes

Though rules are being relaxed across the country, we have pledged to remain vigilant in fighting COVID-19 and giving each of our guests a safety guarantee! See below our full list of rules and procedures!

Hand washing
risk assessment 
Staff checks

Hand sanatiser stations are located in key areas around the premises to ensure you can top up whenever needed. Although it is not a new rule we also ensure staff wash their hands every 20 minutes

Our site is frequently re-assessed to make sure we uphold the highest standards of cleanliness in protecting our customers.

All staff are regularly temperature checked and COVID tested to ensure both their safety and yours.

Face masks
covid training
Table Cleaning

Face masks are no longer legally required when entering or standing within the premises. If you wish to still wear a mask, staff included, you can.

All staff have completed a Covid-19 training course to ensure they understand how to minimize risks and complete proper practice.

All tables are sanitised and wiped between every customer to ensure that all surfaces you touch are as clean as possible.

Social Distancing

While social distancing is no longer a legal requirement, if you have specific wants or needs to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible, our staff will always be happy to help!