Bish Bash

Friar gate’s biggest and best indie event!
All of the best.... Indie, Brit-pop, 80s, 90’s bangers hosted but the one and only DJ Noel G!

From 9pm - 2am 



Cocktails run all night. 

You can get 2 for £10 until 7pm. You can even mix and match to your liking.

Watch This Space

We're constantly working on new events for you, so stay tuned for any upcoming events.


Weekday Offers

-5 for £10 Shooters until Midnight-


-3 bottles for £8 on Budweiser-


-Buy 2 large glasses get the rest of the bottle free on wine until 9pm-


-Double up on Spirits for £2 or £2.50 on premiums-

-Cocktails 2 for £10 until 7pm-


Sunday Spirits

-£1.20 per shot 8pm-10:30pm-

So you can get a double and mixer for only £3.20

Location & Hours

Bishop Balise

114 Friar Gate


Phone: 01332 297065


Mon 12pm-12am

Tues 12pm-12am

Weds 12pm-12am

Thurs 12pm-12am

Fri 12pm-2am

Sat 12pm-2am

Sun 12pm-12am

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